woman wearing a pink sun hoodie over her head as she hikes near the rio grande and santa elena canyon in big bend national park in Texas.

The Hiking Sun Hoodie You Need for Your Next Adventure

I recently spent multiple days at the end of May into June hiking in the intense West Texas sun and heat. Over the course of a week, hiking in Big Bend Ranch State Park, Big Bend National Park, and Fort Davis Mountains State Park with minimum temperatures of the low 90 degrees Fahrenheit to well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Let’s just say it was super steamy! Sunscreen, especially when you’re hoofing it hiking just doesn’t cut it because you’ll likely be sweating a river larger than the Rio Grande. 

Before our trip, I was a huge fan of SPF shirts, however, I didn’t have any hooded versions. If I managed to get sunburnt, it was usually on my shoulders or neck, so I knew for this specific trip I desperately needed a hiking sun hoodie! 

I scoured my usual brand of Columbia sun shirts and wasn’t overly thrilled with the color options so I landed on Amazon with an abundance of options. (Insert overwhelm here.) Let’s be honest, sometimes too many choices is just TOO much. 

Ultimately I settled on two different styles (both sun hoodies for women). One was a zip-up option and the other a pullover. Let’s get into the distinguishing factors of the two different styles and start with my favorite of the two. 

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Sun Hoodies for Women: Zip up

My not live without option: Sun Protection Hoodie Jacket (Click here to purchase!)

What I loved about this sun protection jacket was how truly lightweight it was! I got sweaty on hikes and it dried in the breeze (that I was so thankful was there in the Texas desert!) 

The fact that it zips (and it zips up far) so it truly can cover your neck really well also. (I was super diligent about still putting sunscreen on my neck, but this just felt like a nice extra layer of protection.) I regularly get sunburn on my neck both front and back so this was a game changer for me.

The hood was a great size. I could zip it up, cover my neck up well, and then tuck the hood around my baseball hat and it would stay put. (Even in the wind.) This helped to create more sun protection on the front and back of my neck and face. 

I purchased initially in the olive and khaki colors, but it comes in many options and I’ll be ordering more soon! The price point and quality can’t be beat if you need some extra sun protection while hiking and spending time outdoors whether on the water or not.  

woman and man standing on a hiking trail with red rock mountains and blue sky behind them in big bend national park in texas. Both are wearing sun protection clothes including a sun hoodie.

Sun Hoodies for Women: Pull Over

The second option was also really great, but in comparison to the zip up, I loved the zip up features the most. Sun Protection Hoodie Pull over (Click here to purchase!)

This sun hoodie was great as well. It is still very lightweight and made of a wickable and breathable material. 

My only qualm with this option is that the hood doesn’t cover as much of my chest/the front of my neck as the zip-up. However, the back of your neck is well covered so it depends on if you’re prone to sunburn and where. 

But overall, the price point was great and it came in an abundance of enjoyable and vibrant colors. (It was hard to choose!)

Even though these hoodies were initially purchased for a West Texas hiking trip, they would also be great for a summer trip to the Midwest when I return to Minnesota in the summer to visit family. 

woman wearing a pink sun hoodie over her head as she hikes near the rio grande and santa elena canyon in big bend national park in Texas.

Adventures Needing a Sun Hoodie

Here are some other adventures to inspire you to take your new sun hoodie for a spin:

Final Thoughts: The Best Women’s Hiking Sun Hoodie

Overall, having adequate sun protection and sun hoodies to hike in the Texas desert at Big Bend National Park was a lifesaver. I cringed when I saw people hiking in tank tops (I used to be one of them! Although not in Texas.) The heat and the sun are so intense.

So womp womp, as I get older I’m much more serious about taking care of my skin both with proper sunscreen, and clothing to protect myself as well. You don’t want to spend the time that you could be exploring by doctoring your sunburn. I’m not a qualified medical professional, but I know that sunburn can intensify and make you more susceptible to sun poisoning and heat stroke (which is no fun!)

Make your next hike more carefree, without worrying about sunburn by grabbing one of these great sun protection hoodies!

You can also check out my list of SPF hiking gear here. Happy exploring!

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