Woman with festive painted Christmas nails holding up a glass blown colorful Christmas tree ornament in front of her Christmas tree from Murano Italy

9 Reasons Why Christmas Ornaments are the Best Souvenirs

Christmas ornaments are hands down the best souvenirs! Just thinking back to when I was younger and wanted to collect shot glasses and random other things before I really had a home and my own Christmas decor. That truly makes me cringe because it’s so much clutter! 

If you haven’t thought of buying ornaments throughout your domestic and world travels, I’ll outline 9 reasons why Christmas ornaments are the best souvenirs and I guarantee you’ll keep an eye out for cute ones to add to your festive decor on your next trip!

So, if you’re looking for travel souvenir ideas, let’s dive into the five specific reasons why Christmas Ornaments are the best Travel Souvenirs to collect!

#1 Nostalgia

Christmas is such a cozy happy thoughts and joyful time of the year that it’s no surprise my number one reason why Christmas ornaments make the best souvenirs is the nostalgia it brings. 

Let me explain, you’re unpacking your decor and putting it up in your home to make it festive, and as you’re doing so the ornaments you’ve collected during your travels will bring back fond memories of the destinations and unforgettable experiences from years ago.

I know I forget about some of the ones I have and when I see them it just makes me happy and puts me in a good mood. Let me tell you, there are only three things better than actually traveling: planning future travel, talking about travel, and reminiscing about travel memories. (In no particular order!)

Ultimately, what you’re creating when you decide to start purchasing meaningful travel souvenirs such as Christmas ornaments is a memory tree every December. Christmas ornaments are just special, but when they remind you of great travel memories if you love to travel it just makes it that much better.

#2 Size

If you’re a chronic overpacker or refuse to check a bag when traveling Christmas ornaments as a travel souvenir are perfect for you! Christmas Ornaments are relatively small in size and lightweight so they won’t take up a lot of space or weigh down your luggage. 

Plus, if they’re fragile, you’ll want to ensure they stay within your hand luggage and not in any bags you plan to check while flying.

#3 Unique

One thing I love about all of the ornaments I have is that many of them are handcrafted. I stumbled upon them, loved them, and bought them. They are unique and often handmade, so they are truly a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

It isn’t a chintzy souvenir of yesteryears that you would buy that was probably made in China and had a weird sticker on it of where you went on an ashtray or something tacky. Most of mine are made by local artisans and in small more boutique shops. This is a great way to support the community you visited by shopping more locally and supporting local artists and small businesses.

#4 Inexpensive

Christmas ornaments are a great way to remember your travels and can be a lot of fun to collect. They are also relatively inexpensive, which makes them a great option for budget-minded travelers. You don’t have to break the bank buying expensive souvenirs a travel Christmas ornament is a great memento that shouldn’t cost a fortune!

#5 Time Stamping

You can either purchase the ornaments with the name of the place and possibly the date on it as well. If not, you can always add the date on the back or the bottom as a reminder. Some stores or sellers will even have it personalized for you.

Especially if it’s a place you’ve visited multiple times or you repeatedly return then you know when you specifically purchased your Christmas ornament travel souvenir.

You can commemorate that family Disney trip or a location where you had a huge life event take place, really the possibilities are endless!

#6 Planning

Christmas is toward the end of the year in December. As you’re putting up your decor and trimming your Christmas tree, reminiscing about past travels and your Christmas Travel Ornaments may spark conversation with your family, loved ones, or significant other about past travels and start to formulate a plan for travels in the approaching new year. 

#7 Family Heirloom

They can ultimately be passed down from generation to generation creating a family heirloom from your travels and the unique handcrafted travel ornaments you’ve acquired along the way. Each ornament can have a special story or memory to it that will be passed down for generations.

Go one step further, and create a family book documenting all of the stories and highlights from certain trips.

#8 Purpose

They have an actual purpose. I don’t know if it’s the generation I grew up in or just my mindset, but less “stuff” is more. I don’t want a lot of clutter so when you purchase a trinket or little something that’s going to sit in a box or on a shelf gathering dust the thought of that just makes me cringe. 

The nice thing about buying Christmas ornaments as travel souvenirs is they serve an actual purpose as Christmas decorations every year. You probably would have purchased more generic decor anyway, but these meaningful mementos will be much better year after year! 

Plus, you’ll actually use them for something! (Bonus points!)

#9 Gifts

It makes a great gift for someone you experienced a destination or a trip with! Purchasing it while on the trip but giving it to them as a Christmas gift so you can chat and reminisce about the amazing time you had. Who knows, maybe it will spark the planning to begin for another travel adventure!

Some of my Favorite Travel Ornaments

Every year, I have a few new ones to add. Here are a few of my favorites from a few years ago. I’m excited to add a Hawaiian ornament this year!


Italy was such a long-awaited trip, as we were supposed to travel there in 2020 and eventually made it there in 2021 when there still were covid testing restrictions we were so grateful to finally be spending 15 days in Italy

a woman with christmas themed nails holding up a lemon shaped christmas ornament in front of the Christmas tree

To say Italy captured my heart is an understatement. I truly yearn to go back! We purchased two ornaments during our time there. One a glass lemon bulb while we enjoyed time on the Amalfi coast and I discovered I absolutely adore limoncello spritz drinks. The other one is a beautiful and colorful piece of blown glass from the island of Murano just near Venice.

Woman with festive painted Christmas nails holding up a glass blown colorful Christmas tree ornament in front of her Christmas tree from Murano Italy


A favorite of mine clad in buffalo plaid print is the outline of the famous statue Paul and Babe that’s located in my hometown of Bemidji, Minnesota

Woman with Christmas themed nails holding up an outline of Paul and Babe in buffalo plaid in front of her Christmas tree


In 2019, we traveled to Germany for Oktoberfest in Munich since we love craft beer. We traveled all around Germany and experienced many different traditional cities. During out travels, we picked up this ornament as a memento.

woman with Christmas painted nails holding up a white and raw wooden tree shaped Christmas ornament in front of her Christmas tree from Germany


Amsterdam is one of those places I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The overall culture of the Dutch was incredibly charming. This ornament is probably one of my favorites as the little windmill actually moves!

I remember taking a day trip out of Amsterdam to see windmills at Zannse Schans, my favorite brewery outside of Amersdam in Jordaan in an old church and the beautiful stained glass windows and visiting an actual brewery and taproom with a windmill attached.

woman with Christmas themed nails holding up a blue and white ceramic windmill shaped Christmas ornament from Amsterdam in front of her Christmas tree

Final Thoughts: Why Christmas Ornaments are the Best Souvenirs 

If you are looking for a unique and affordable souvenir from your travels, Christmas ornaments are a great option! As well as causing a bit of reminiscing and planning for future travels your travel Christmas ornaments will ignite this every year for you and your family! It wouldn’t be the worst thing to have a dedicated travel christmas tree to display your Christmas ornaments from around the world. Vacation Christmas ornaments are honestly the best ornaments (in my opinion!)

This holiday season, I’m heading to some European Christmas Markets (for the very first time) so I’m putting up my tree a lot earlier than normal and I’m so excited to add to my collection of travel and vacation ornaments while on this festive holiday trip! Don’t worry, I’ll share more on my social media channels and the website so stay tuned!

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