Heather sitting out front of a beer bar in Rome Italy enjoying a local craft beer.

8 Proven Reasons Why You Should Travel with me on my Next Group Trip

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About WanderLust in Real Life

Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here on my little corner of the internet. Let me introduce myself, I’m Heather, the blogger, content creator and group travel organizer behind this blog, WanderLust in Real Life. I’m a 30 something professional that has a passion for exploring. Not only exploring, but I love travel and itinerary planning! I’ve traveled to 32 states in the USA, 28 countries and have been to all continents (but Antarctica.) Since studying abroad in college I have always had the WanderLust “bug”! I love exploring new places whether near or far and would love to take you with me on my next group trip. Lets get traveling!

woman standing looking at a waterfall in Glacier National Park while hiking
Glacier National Park, June 2022

Group Travel

What is group travel (or a group trip)? It’s a small group of people you don’t know getting to know each other through travel by going on a group trip together. Some of my best friends became even closer after traveling together and I met so many amazing friends during my time studying abroad. I went on my study abroad not knowing a soul but it was an amazing way to expand my horizons beyond the actual travel I was doing. Who knows, you may meet your bestie that you never knew existed by going on an epic group trip with me as the group travel organizer! (By the way, the groups aren’t too large, typically between 10-20 other passionate travelers.)

Woman wearing a red and blue dirndl and sunglasses drink out of a 1L glass mug of beer at Oktoberfest in Munich Germany Europe.
Oktoberfest 2019 Munich, Germany

Why Choose Group Travel?

I realize not everyone wants to solo travel. While solo travel can be extremely empowering and rewarding, I realize it’s not for everyone. I’m one of those people, I like to share the memories and experiences with friends or a significant other. Group travel is a great way to go even if you don’t have close friends or a significant other or spouse that wants to go. Don’t hold back on chasing your travel dreams due to others not being available! The best part, you don’t have to plan the itinerary you can just book it then go.

Woman sitting on a red rock formation with back to the camera looking out over Sedona Arizona to red rock formations in the distance. A cloudless blue sky is overhead.
Sedona, AZ 2021

Reasons why you Should Travel with me as your Group Travel Organizer

1) Travel is my love language

I love traveling but I also like to share that love with others. I’ve been to 32 states, 28 countries and 6 of the 7 continents. I always have a trip planned, but that next trip could include you!

woman standing on top of camelback mountain in Phoenix Arizona
Camelback Mountain, Arizona

2) Travel & Itinerary Planning

Not only do I love to travel, I love to PLAN travel even more! Leave the planning to me. SERIOUSLY! Many people I talk to want to travel, but planning is a huge barrier for them, they don’t even know where to start and easily get overwhelmed in the details. So save yourself the grief of getting lost in the sauce planning your trip and just come travel with me! It will be a no fuss way to see destinations you’re dying to explore.

Woman sitting back to camera sitting on a rock looking out over the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon in January

3) Meet new friends

Meeting new friends after you’ve graduated from college (uni/university) is tough! I remember my struggles as a young 20 something on how to meet new friends and how to settle into my life as an “adult” (whatever that means!) It became increasingly difficult to meet people not at work or out at a bar. Meeting friends that have a common interest (ahem, traveling!) from all over the world is just an added bonus to going on a group trip planned and organized by me.

the ancient roman bath house located in bath england
Roman Baths in Bath, England

4) Remove barriers to traveling

I understand the struggles of coordinating a group of friends, trying to research a trip, aligning on timing and budget all too well! Travel planning with a group can be so difficult. When I was in my early 20’s (shortly after my whirlwind study abroad experience) all I wanted to do was save, travel, repeat. (I’ll be honest not much has changed!) But, I had several trips that I was deep into planning with different friends after I’d done a bunch of research, bought travel books, the whole ordeal just to have them say that they couldn’t go anymore. I was devastated and at that time had family and friends convince me not to travel solo. Truly, I don’t want anyone in that same boat as me. I want to remove the barrier to traveling by offering small group trips so the people that aren’t comfortable with traveling solo can still go with me as their trusty group travel organizer.

a woman drinking red wine in tuscany on a wine tour
Wine tasting in Tuscany

5) Photos (& video)

Whether everyday life or on vacation/traveling, I’m always taking a ton of photos and videos to have memories and document moments. (I’m huge on nostalgia and I am obsessed with the app “Timehop”) So lets take some travel photo’s and videos together to create memories to last a lifetime! (But, you can also share them on social media as well although it’s not required.)

Woman sitting in window sill at castle in Central Park New York City
Central Park during Thanksgiving in NYC

6) Food & Craft Beer

When traveling, the culinary experience is one of my favorite things. I love to try all the local dishes, the hot spots that have amazing off the wall entrees or in the USA I’m a sucker for DDD (Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives) spots. If you travel with me, you can rest assured that NO MEAL will ever be skipped! There will be ample time to sample the local delicacies including brewery visits, winery visits, and fancy cocktail bars to wind down the amazing days of exploring. If that sounds like your cup of tea, or pint of beer you definitely should come on a trip with me as your group travel organizer I will be sure we sample the local brews.

Heather sitting out front of a beer bar in Rome Italy enjoying a local craft beer.
Me, outside of Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa (a beer bar in Rome, Italy)

7) Explore new places

Based on the group travel survey (linked below in “How to get on the list!”) I will plan some epic trips to places you may have never been before! Some of the destinations that I’m the most excited for (to return or to explore for the first time) include: Iceland, Alaska, Maine, Greece, Croatia, Italy, London and more! There are so many places we could travel together. The possibilities are endless! So, what are you waiting for, get on the list by filling out the Group Travel Survey linked below!

woman standing in front of a waterfall in Iceland
Me in Iceland chasing waterfalls!

8) I’m a Versatile Traveler

Truly, I love travel of all kinds! Whether it’s hiking in National or state Parks, exploring International destinations (I will admit I am partial to Europe! but want to explore more of Asia and South America), exploring big cities, history museums, or even RV traveling I love to experience a lot of different things. I will say, i’m not a “luxury traveler” although I do like nice things for cheap, bougie on a budget (am I right)?! When traveling I like comfortable accommodations but will spend more money on experiences vs. places to stay. If that sounds like your jam, we would get along really well.

sunset out over the caldera and white and blue domed roof tops on Santorini, Greece island city of Oia
sunset in Oia, Santorini Greece

How to get on the list!

So, you’re amped right and thinking I definitely want to travel and go on a trip with you as the group travel organizer! First things first, you need to fill out this Group Travel Survey.

What this does is puts you on my interest list and lets me know that you’re down for me to plan an epic trip that you want to go on. Once the trip is planned, you’ll get an email once you can book the trip with me! This survey is so helpful because it lets me know your preferences. For example, where you want to travel, what destinations you’re most excited about, what your budget is and what time of year works best FOR YOU. This allows me to compile the most common answers from the survey to plan the trip with your input and preferences. Literally the trip is planned with you in mind. Then you just book your flight pay the deposits for the trip and leave the rest of the planning to me!

I’m looking forward to traveling with you soon!

from the London eye at night, big ben and parliament lit up with lights illuminating the iconic structures
View from the London eye at night

Questions? Contact Me: Group Trip Organizer

If you have any specific questions feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or an email at heather.wanderlustinreallife@outlook.com

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