pride flag by a small polka dot mouse door at a brewery in Minneapolis

The Most Magical Street Art in Minneapolis: Tiny Mouse Doors

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Minneapolis, MN

Art in Minneapolis consists of murals, museums, summer art festivals and of course my absolute favorite, these tiny mouse doors sprinkled all over the city. They add a bit of magic and whimsy to Minneapolis as you run across them when you least expect it. You might think they’re fairy doors but if you know a little more about the artist you’ll realize they’re tiny mouse doors.

About the Mouse Doors

A street artist transplant from California to Minnesota started a fixing small little 3D doors sized for a mouse at 4 x 3 inches. He goes by “Mows 510” (pronounced mouse.) They are in locations all over Minneapolis, but you just have to be aware and look down to spot them! You could very easily miss them if you aren’t paying attention.

The classic version is a red door, with a yellow window and a cute little black welcome mat. But, there are many other fun variations that pay a tribute to their locations. Around Christmas time sometimes there will be fun wreaths on the doors and even a small Christmas tree with teeny tiny presents. During pride month there have been small pride flags alongside the doors as well.

small doors alongside each other with a sign saying mows motel in Minneapolis, MN
The Mows Motel (semi covered by snow.)

Mouse Door Locations

If you follow the artist on Instagram you will have more insight into where some of the doors are located. (And where new ones have been placed.) However, there used to be a map of the doors posted online, but someone was going around and destroying them all so then it was taken down. Sometimes, the doors don’t last long as people will rip them off and take them.

Walking around near popular places all over Minneapolis, you’ll likely find at least one mouse door. Some are located inside establishments such as taprooms and restaurants while most are out on the streets of Minneapolis. Many of them are located in the downtown and North East Minneapolis areas. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled! The first time I ever spotted one, it was my nephew who excitedly asked about it and pointed it out. See his cute picture below.

small boy crouching down by the classic red and yellow mouse door in Minneapolis, MN
Classic red mouse door

Other Street art in Minneapolis beyond Mouse Doors

While in Minneapolis walking around, having a bite to eat or popping into a local brewery keep your eyes peeled or rather fixed downward to look for the mouse doors. Aside from the magical little mouse doors, there is other art in Minneapolis including murals & one of the most well known locations the outdoor sculpture garden.


So many cities have beautiful murals and Minneapolis is no different. There are murals throughout the city. A few of my favorites are the mural at the State Fair Grounds in St. Paul (Greetings from Minnesota) and the Greetings from Minneapolis mural showing the iconic Stone arch bridge and Minneapolis skyline. Another really fun mural located downtown Minneapolis at the First Ave concert venue is all of the stars with performers names on them.

Walker Art Museum Sculpture Garden

One of the most popular sculptures in Minnesota is the Spoonbridge & Cherry that’s located outside in the Walker Art Museum Sculpture Garden. There are many other sculptures located here and on a nice spring or summer day it’s a fun afternoon walking around the sculpture garden. (Although you won’t find any mouse doors here! That I know of or have seen anyway.) You’ll have to venture back to the streets of Minneapolis and pound some pavement to find them. I promise it’ll be worth it!

Spoon and cherry sculpture located at Walker art center sculpture garden in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Spoonbridge & Cherry

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