Juicy Lucy burger in Minneapolis Minnesota at Blue Door Pub

Where to eat the Best Juicy Lucy Burger in Minnesota

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Juicy Lucy burgers were created in Minnesota and here’s a list of the best. What is a Juicy lucy (or jucy lucy)? If you’ve never had one, you’re in for a treat! A juicy lucy is a burger made into two patties with the cheese in the center. Think molten ooey gooey cheesy deliciousness. If you like burgers & cheese, you MUST try one! Since one of my life motto’s is “Cheese is the glue that holds my life together” you know I’m a huge fan!

So, I’m here to list out the best spots for an epic melty good burger in Minnesota. They’re all located in the Twin Cities metro area and a few have even been featured on diners drive-in’s and dives. (I love that show too btw!)

Juicy Lucy burger in Minnesota spot 1:

Casper & Runyon’s The Nook

Address: 492 Hamline Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116

Featured on diner’s drive in’s and dives, there is a menu item specifically called out as Guy Fieri’s “Guys Big Bite”. The best thing about The Nook is the fact that their burgers are always consistently amazing.

I always order the same thing, the Paul Molitor. Which is a Juicy Lucy with pepper jack cheese. Another must have is their cheese curds! The ones with honey and bacon bits on top are the perfect combination of sweet and salty, which is my absolute favorite! The last time I was there I nearly had a meltdown because I thought they were no longer on the menu.

Juicy Lucy burger in Minnesota spot 2:

Matt’s Bar

Address: 3500 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Opened in the 1950’s this establishment is an institution. You know they’ve been around awhile when they only take cash or a local check (so come prepared!) The epitome of a local home-town dive bar. But, surprisingly they are one of the few on the list that haven’t been featured on DDD.

They’re super basic, but they do it crazy well. Your only options are a normal cheeseburger, a juicy lucy and two different size of fries orders. Definitely order it with the sauteed onions so good! This burger is the perfect amount of juicy, cheesy and a little subtle crisp around the edges that gives it it’s classic flavor.

Matt's bar in Minneapolis Minnesota. Juicy Lucy burger, fries and a beer

Juicy Lucy burger in Minnesota spot 3:

The 5-8 club

Address: 5800 Cedar Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55417

The 5-8 club and Matt’s bar have somewhat of a rivalry as to who really was the original “creator” of the juicy lucy. Both establishments claim to be as such. While Matt’s bar has stayed true to its humble roots, the 5-8 club has 4 locations throughout the Twin Cities. The original being in Minneapolis and the address listed above as well as the below map.

They offer more options to the Juicy Lucy than Matt’s bar. Including one stuffed with both cheese and peanut butter. My favorite, however, is the Saucy Sally (basically if a Juicy Lucy and a way better Big Mac had a love child.) I always get sweet potato fries with the homemade marshmallow/bleu cheese dip. It sounds weird, but again it’s that sweet and salty combo that really gets me!

burger baskets juicy lucy burgers with sweet potato fries and potato wedges in minnesota

Juicy Lucy burger in Minnesota spot 4:

Blue Door Pub

Address: 1811 Selby Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104

They originally opened with one location (and I’ll let you guess what color their exterior door was) and this establishment has since opened four other locations across the Twin cities (one at MSP airport Terminal 1, Concourse A). The original location is listed above and in the map below. Blucy is the term they’ve coined for their “Blue Door” juicy lucy burgers.

One thing I really like about Blue Door is the fact that they try out new “Blucy of the moment” flavors that you can’t always get. Kind of like a special or rotating item. They’re always trying out new flavors and experimenting.

Blue door also has a lot more on the menu if ooey gooey cheesy burgers aren’t your jam. They have other bar fare on their menu such as regular burgers, wings, other appetizers and even salads.

Blue Door can attribute some of its success from being featured on Diners, Drive in’s and Dives.

Juicy Lucy burger in Minneapolis Minnesota at Blue Door Pub

Juicy Lucy burger in Minnesota spot 5:

Buffalo Tap

Address: 4990 123rd St W, Savage, MN 55378

Located in the southwest metro area of the Twin Cities, the last spot Buffalo Tap. Offering an extensive menu, including Juicy Lucy burgers! I like this spot for a few reasons, 1) they have 1919 root beer on tap, yes I like craft beer but this root beer on tap is such a good treat sometimes! and 2) they have so many different side options. Pictured with my burger below, I love the sweet potato tots (they’re more like puffs!) There are over 20 different upgraded sides which is awesome!

After you’ve had a tasty burger, locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul are in the neighborhood of the best craft breweries in the Twin Cities. You might as well pop into one of those locations for a quick pint or two!

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