A glass of peanut butter porter beer at Dangerous Man tap room located in Northeast Minneapolis, MN

Top Minneapolis Breweries (by Neighborhood)

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Intro: Top Minneapolis Breweries

Minneapolis, Minnesota has so many breweries! Even if you’re visiting Minnesota for a short time, you’re sure to be close to a Minneapolis brewery. Depending on what neighborhood you’re in there may be one (or several) just around the corner. Let’s dive into the top Minneapolis breweries broken up conveniently by neighborhood. 

Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota is made up of several unique neighborhoods. Most of the breweries are concentrated in Northeast Minneapolis. Compared to other suburbs and areas in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis definitely has the most breweries.

Each neighborhood has its own distinct personality, making it an exciting place to explore many different breweries. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Minneapolis: 


Downtown Minneapolis is a bustling area that is the heart of Minneapolis and home to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks such as Target Field, US Bank Stadium, and the famous Mary Tyler Moore statue. It’s also home to various restaurants, bars, shops, and cultural attractions. 


Located just south of downtown Minneapolis, Uptown is known for its trendy vibe and lively atmosphere. It features a diverse mix of restaurants, bars, boutiques, theaters, and art galleries. Uptown also has a buzz when the weather is nice as it has the Bde Maka Ska lake (formerly Lake Calhoun) that many will float, kayak & SUP on, there is also a biking, walking, or running path around its perimeter. Flanked with many restaurants and bars in the area it’s a lively part of Minneapolis.  

North Loop: 

Once an industrial area filled with warehouses and factories, the North Loop neighborhood has transformed into one of Minneapolis’ trendiest neighborhoods. It offers sleek lofts converted from former factories alongside trendy restaurants like Spoon & Stable or The Bachelor Farmer. One of my top 5 favorite breweries in Minneapolis is located in the North Loop.

West Minneapolis:

West Minneapolis is the area west of North Loop between the suburban cities of St. Louis Park and the downtown area. One of the distinguishing things of this area is Theodore Wirth Park. From Theodore Wirth Park to downtown Minneapolis is about where this neighborhood is situated.  


Often referred to as “Nordeast,” this neighborhood is known for its eclectic mix of old-world charm meets modern-day coolness with breweries like Bauhaus Brew Labs or Indeed Brewing Company around every corner plus plenty more! 


Dinkytown is the area around the U of M (University of Minnesota). A college town area where student life resides. Many of the establishments here are lower cost catering to the college budget clientele. 

South Minneapolis:

Generally, the entire area that sits south of downtown Minneapolis is called South Minneapolis. South of Lowry Hill and Powderhorn Park along the Mississippi River until you reach the MSP airport & suburb of Richfield. (Which is close to Bloomington, MN where the popular Mall of America is.)

Located on the southern edge of Minneapolis near Lake Nokomis is Powderhorn Park which offers beautiful natural views within urban life. With Lake Street running through it there are endless shops & eateries while avoiding high-rise buildings found elsewhere in town making this scenic spot perfect for your afternoon stroll or a patio beer.

Minneapolis Breweries by Neighborhood

Downtown Minneapolis Breweries

There aren’t as many breweries downtown Minneapolis. However, there are a few. 

Lakes & Legends Brewery is located in the Loring Park area of Downtown Minneapolis. One of my favorite brews from here is the raspberry honey ale, the St. Gail. This downtown Minneapolis brewery has a lot of northern flair and decor in the taproom.

Dayblock Brewing Company is located close to US Bank Stadium, the home of the NFL team the Minnesota Vikings in the downtown east area of Minneapolis. This brewpub offers beer and pizza, so it’s a great place to hang out. On Sunday they also offer a brunch with their epic Bloody Mary flight!

Finnegans Brewery offers a Minnesota classic Irish amber ale for over 20 years! This is the beer Finnegans is the most known for. Most of their brews are Irish-inspired. They also offer a lively brewery and taproom that you can visit. 

Uptown Minneapolis Breweries

Lyn Lake Brewery This brewery is located on the edge of Uptown. Literally on the edge of the Lyndale and Lake Avenues in Minneapolis, hence the name. The best thing about this brewery is the rooftop bar area.

North Loop Minneapolis Breweries

Modist Brewing located close to Target Field is a great place to hang out before or after a Twins game. Funny story, one of their really hoppy variations of the DDH (double dry hopped) IPA inda couch actually made me have an allergic reaction. Ahhhh memories! Oh, and my husband and I took some wedding photos here as our reception occurred really close. 

Fulton Brewing is another mainstay that has been around for awhile in the Minneapolis, Minnesota craft beer scene. Their most well-known beer, a blonde ale crushable beer coined “Lonely Blonde”. 

Inbound BrewCo has an amazing indoor/outdoor space. Hosting events such as a Twins (MLB) home opener party and other fun events on-site. 

Pryes Brewing Company has a newly expanded space. One of their mainstay beers, Miraculum (Midwest IPA) is usually on tap as well as different sour beers. Pryes is one of the best Minneapolis breweries with food. 

First Draft Taproom is a fun craft beer bar, located close to Target Field. It’s a pour-your-own beer & wine establishment with food as well.

Northeast Minneapolis Breweries

Dangerous Man Brewing Company will always be one of my favorites in Minneapolis. Their chocolate milk stout and peanut butter porter have never steered me wrong! I tend to like their darker beers though, the others I’ve tried haven’t been as outstanding but they do offer a range of different brews for everyone. As well as a merch and crowler shop to bring your favorite home with you.

Indeed Brewing Company has been a mainstay in the craft beer scene in Minneapolis for a while. Their LSD (Lavender Sunflower Dates) seasonal beer, as well as their old school midnight rider (black IPA) that they no longer make reeled me in. My most recent favorite is the pistachio cream ale, a delightfully crushable summer beer. One of their long time favorites is the Day Tripper pale ale. 

BauHaus Brew Labs quite honestly the best thing about this brewery is its food truck schedule. The beer is decent, but Animales Barbeque Co and Burger Co. is the best barbecue in all of Minnesota. Seriously, go there for the food! My Texas-born husband is a barbecue snob and he loves Animales. Occasionally they will have live music as well. 

Fair State Brewing Cooperative offers many different styles of beer. The Roselle hibiscus style sour is an easy drinking delight!

56 Brewing offers a wide variety of different beer styles. Food trucks are on site some days as well.

Falling Knife Brewing Company offers many different varieties of hoppy IPAs. However, there are many other varieties of beer on tap as well. 

Insight Brewing offers many mainstay hoppy beers as well as now THC infused seltzers. Seasonal beers here are some of my favorites. Specifically, Doe eyes is so delightful! They also offer some non-alcoholic options.

Headflyer Brewing offers not only great beers in their dog-friendly taproom but every summer, they usually offer a unique brew for the Minnesota State Fair. 

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative is a member-owned co-op-style brewery. In 2023, the taproom moved to be located on the Mississippi River.

612Brew offers hazy IPAs, seltzers, and easy-drinking crushable beers.

West Minneapolis

Utepils is located between North Loop & west suburbs. They offer many different events such as yoga (with a pint after) and German-style beers. In the past, they’ve held Oktoberfest-style events.

La Dona Cerveceria focused on Mexican-style beers (or cervezas) but throw in some spicy darker beers and also tacos and it’s a party or should I say fiesta?!

Sisyphus Brewing is located just on the edge of Minneapolis before you reach downtown close to the 394/94 freeway interchange and the Basilica of St. Mary as well as Dunwoody College of Technology.


Surly Brewing is located east of U of M (close-ish to St. Paul). Surly has a huge facility that was established in 2005. This brewery really was the first of the craft brewery boom in Minneapolis. Their first beers were Surly Bender and Furious. In 2014 the taproom or rather beer garden experience opened. There is a large indoor space with food, retail space, and brewing facilities that offer tours, and a large outdoor lawn with games and picnic tables to enjoy when the Minnesota weather cooperates. It’s truly an amazing destination.

South Minneapolis Breweries

Wild Mind Ales located in South Minneapolis is really close to Bloomington, MN where the famous Mall of America (MOA) is located. These beers really are super sour and funky. If that’s your jam, then definitely hit up Wild Mind’s taproom.

Venn is located close to the light rail so it’s an easy stop if you’re taking public transportation. Dogs are allowed inside the taproom and they have great large garage doors that open out to patio space when the weather is nice. 

Arbeiter Brewing is dog friendly and located in close proximity to Matt’s Bar where you can grab a melty juicy Lucy cheeseburger.

Wooden Ship offers a wide range of unique beers. Selling short pours of all of their beers, you won’t have to commit to something if it sounds a little too off the wall but you still want to try it!

Eastlake Craft Brewery offers an interesting array of non-alcoholic options as well as their craft beer. 

Best Minneapolis Breweries

Of the list of breweries above, this may be a little controversial but from one craft beer lover to another, honest. These are in my opinion the Best Breweries in Minneapolis. My top picks include Dangerous Man, Headflyer, Pryes, Modist, and Venn. 

Dangerous Man, although the taproom is small has the best chocolate milk stout and peanut butter porter. For a delightful brew, have the beertenders pour you a half and half of these two beers!

Headflyer Brewing is not only dog friendly but they usually have amazing Minnesota State Fair exclusive beers every year. 

Pryes Brewing Company expanded its space in the spring of 2023. Located on the edge of the North Loop. Pryes offers food as well so if you’re feeling a little hangry, Pryes is the taproom for you!

Modist Brewing Co. has amazing mainstay beers and likes to shake it up with quirky beers every now and again. I’m still bummed I didn’t get my hands on some of that chili cheese beer. (Yes, you read that right!)

Venn always offers an amazing range of different beers. Their taproom is always packed as they bring in great food trucks regularly.

The Best Breweries in the Twin Cities

Not only in Minneapolis, but across the whole Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul) metro area there are many more breweries. Not confined just to Minneapolis, read more about the Top 5 best breweries in the Twin Cities

The area of Minneapolis & St. Paul even has a great way to curate a self-guided public transportation brewery crawl! I’ll let you be the guide of who has the best beer in Minneapolis.

Beer Travel

Even having lived in an area with a lot of great craft beer breweries and options for taprooms, it’s always great to explore when you’re in other states or countries.

Some of the best beer experiences in Europe may surprise you! One of the most sought out experiences in the world is going to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany at least once in your lifetime. Other great but not as popular experiences in London include doing a pub crawl on the Bermondsey Beer Mile located in South London. Even Italy has great craft beer

While you’re traveling and enjoying amazing beer don’t hesitate to bring some home with you! My foolproof method of packing beer in checked luggage has never done me wrong. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the number one craft beer in Minnesota?

The top-rated craft beer as noted by Beer Advocate is Nillerzzzzzzz by Forager Brewery. This is an American Imperial stout so it packs quite a punch at 14% ABV (alcohol by volume.) Forager is located in Rochester, Minnesota. Both their imperial beers and fruited sours are amazing. Gummies make us likable is a sour beer favorite.

Is Minneapolis known for beer?

Minneapolis has a high concentration of craft breweries. (Especially in Northeast Minneapolis.) Since the early 2000’s craft beer has become more popular in Minneapolis. The city has even been recognized as one of the top 20 beer destinations in the United States. Other cities recognized included: Asheville, NC; Portland, OR and Denver, CO. 

How many breweries does Minneapolis have?

The number of breweries can shifts as breweries move, expand, or close. There’s always movement in the number of breweries. In Minneapolis, at the time this was written, there are roughly around 30 breweries. This doesn’t account for St. Paul or all of the surrounding suburbs. The MN craft brewers guild is a great resource for researching breweries.

What is the oldest brewery in Minnesota?

The oldest brewery in Minnesota is August Schell Brewing Company. It was established in 1860 and has kept in the same family ever since. The brewery is located in New Ulm, MN where there are strong German roots. August Schell owns Grain Belt which is a brand of beer brewed in MN. Grainbelt Premium, Nordeast, and Blu are favorites.

What is the best-selling beer in Minnesota?

Although not craft beer, Minnesota’s best-selling beer is Bud Light. After Bud Light, Miller Light and Coors Lite were close runners-up. Minnesota-based beer companies with the best sales nationally include August Schell Brewing Company, Summit Brewing Co., and Surly Brewing Co. August Schell beers have a large presence at the Minnesota State Fair each summer.

Final Thoughts: Top Minneapolis Breweries

If you’re short on time but want to take in a Minneapolis brewery I hope this was helpful in outlining many of the Minneapolis breweries by neighborhood. I didn’t even dive into breweries in the neighboring twin city of St. Paul, Minnesota, or the abundance of breweries in the outlying suburbs. The Twin Cities is a craft beer hot spot! Don’t sleep on checking it out.

Whether you’re traveling and experiencing new brews and taprooms as you go through Minneapolis or are a Minnesotan through and through, you’ll agree there are some great brews in the Midwest city of Minneapolis. Minneapolis really helped to shape craft beer in the state of Minnesota. There are new breweries popping up all over the state!

Minneapolis truly has some great brews that I hope you’re able to check out soon! Let me know if you try any of them or if you feel I’ve missed one of your favorites using the contact me section of my website or sending me a DM on social media.

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